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The personal owned engineering company MK Muller Ing. was founded in Pforzheim/Germany in 1969.

EUTEC is the international registered Trade Mark.

During 50 years of our activity we developed products detecting temperature and overcharge of electric motors, transformers, TV, household appliances and  low voltage halogen lamps with startups of Mikrotherm, Thermik and Limitor


Since 1992 we are working exclusively for the automotive industry with customers like Continental, Daimler, , EvoBus, Fogtec, Karsan, MAN, Otokar, Siemens, Temsa and VDO.


Our highlight is the fire sensing of the Mercedes S-Class armoured special model.

Vision and mission

In 2000 we initially started the development of fire detectors for public transport. Based on the technology for rolling stock of Fogtec we designed  our own fire detection system for water mist suppression.


Following the Turkish legislation we developed in cooperation with Integrabus Ltd. in Budapest the wireless fire detection system FDU for retrofit of coaches and city buses being in service since 2005 in Turkey.


Our basic element for every development is the famous snap action bimetal disc. Its small size and large surface guarantees the most rapid response to temperature rise.  It operates within 10 to 15 seconds.


We are working with a network of factories in China, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, Taiwan and Turkey. All of them are ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14364 certified.


Our business partners:

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Testing and development

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We perform constantly tests under realistic conditions if possible also in the engine compartments of our customers’ vehicles. The results help us to upgrade our products increasing the reliability of function during different applications. For checking the temperature profile during running of the vehicle we offer a data logger for rent or purchase.

Approvals / Certificates / Downloads

International testing authorities have confirmed that we have passed the following tests:

• BN 411 02 (DIN EN 50155 point 10.2

• EN 50121-3-2 / 9.00

• IEC 60529 degree of protection

• R107-5 R10

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