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FDU remote fire alarm system

WIFI Fire detection system FDU WRL

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Display WRL

In less than one hour you assemble the wireless system in your vehicle. Select  an opening of 65 x 107 mm at the dashboard near the driver’s seat and fit the display. Connect the silicone cable to the power supply (contact  15) at the starter key. Brown (1) wire for plus blue (2) wire for ground. Plug in the GSM and if available the GPS antenna and the siren chuck  into the designated jacks.

The display reports <Caution> and by scroll text if any of the sensor is  defect, supply voltage is low or the radio communication is lost. <Warning> appears at sensing of smoke or dangerous temperatures, i.e. of 75 degree C nearby the smoke sensor and 110 degree  pre warning in the engine  compartment. It shows <Fire> if the temperature increases above the limit.. The sensor location in the vehicle  is indicated by scroll text at every event.

PDF download: >> FDU-VRL-ASSEMBLY-V8


The display shows at detection mode WRL the following status messages:







and additional at suppression mode WRS:



Linear sensor 

and the temperatures of the spot sensors

1) Attach the body with cable ties to the top of the compartment and supply 24 VDC. 

5) Plug the free connector into the corresponding socket at the circuit board and remove the black shunt.

6) Screw the cable gland nut and close the cover of the body water tight (lP 65). Check that the rubber gasket in the lid of the body is not damaged.

7) Place the sensor head near  the dangerous hot spots. The detector head is very sensitive for short response Handle with care. Each sensor could be changed.

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2) Check the distance to the hot spots and cut a ½ inch Marten hose to this length and push the free end of the SEH sensor through it.

3) Press the sensor head completely into the Marten hose (heating up could help).

4) Lose the nut of the cable gland and insert the other end of the spiral hose.

Attach the SNS body with cable ties at the top of the engine compartment and supply 24 VDC from the battery (contact 35) to the cable. Brown wire (1) for plus blue wire (2) for ground. that the bar code. could be seen.

Easy assembly of  SHE sensor

in the engine compartment

Fire detector box SNS

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